What TraciFy help you do?

Complete more trips

With hundreds of companies and individuals using dumper-ex platform to source materials and rent dump trucks, you're guaranteed a significant increase in your turnover and in the ability of your trucks to complete more trips and reduce idle time..

Reduce maintenance cost

Our extended network of partner dealers, repair shops and filling stations will ensure you use genuine truck parts, consumables, tyres and diesel at highly discounted prices while ensuring quality repair service anywhere anytime. .

Track income and expenses

Analytics and graphical report feature available within the dashboard helps you monitor performance of the workforce. Data can be used for decision making to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Logistics businesses of all types use TraciFy

Shipping Companies

  • - FMCG
  • - Agro-Allied Companies
  • - Clearing & Forwarding Services
  • - Manufacturing Companies
  • - Oil & Gas Companies

Transport Companies

  • - Fleet Tracking Services
  • - Transport Companies
  • - Government
  • - Banks & Insurance Companies
  • - Private Sector

TraciFy pricing

No commitment, no hidden charges and no complications; simple and transparent pricing. Your business is unique and our pricing structure is flexible. Let's get started


Membership Limit 3000 year

Free Plan

  • - Allowed unlimited driver.
  • - Allowed unlimited Orders.
  • - NO SMS Features
  • - With Push Broadcast
Small Businesses

Membership Limit 30 days

Plan for Small Businesses

  • - Allowed 5 driver.
  • - Allowed unlimited Orders.
  • - With SMS Features
  • - With Push Broadcast
Growing Businesses

Membership Limit 30 days

Plan for Growing Businesses

  • - Allowed unlimited driver.
  • - Allowed 500 Orders.
  • - With SMS Features
  • - With Push Broadcast